1. Helical GearmotorThe helical gearmotor can be easily mounted on various types of electrical motors or other power input devices. Motors of the same model are applicable for different electrical motors with various powers
    1. Helical Worm GearmotorDecreased rotary speed means less heat produced in the transmission process while the gear arrangement can acquire larger transmission ratio. The well-built structure allows our gear reducer to be applied with MTD series and MB series so as to match customer needs. The product is typically found in the roller conveyor as well as weighing and feeding system.
    1. High Power Gear ReducerThe ring gear and gear shaft are used as opposed to the outer and inner ring of the overrunning clutch. This reduces the volume of the gear reducer as well as the manufacturing cost. The flange and output shaft assembly in which the flange is fixed to the output shaft is available to allow the gear box to be fitted within a small space.
    1. Planetary GearboxHigh transmission efficiency-the hardening gear surface is put through carburizing and nitriding process as well as other chemical treatments which enable high hardness of the gear surface ranging between 58-62HRC. All the gear teeth have been ground to allow for high manufacturing precision of above 6 grade.
    1. Shaft Mounted GearboxThe internal structure of our shaft-mounted gearbox involves the drive shaft, input drive gear, input driven gear, output drive gear, output driven gear, and output driven shaft. The distinguishing feature of the internal arrangement is that the input drive gear is set closer on the farther end of the input drive shaft, at a distance over half the whole length of the shaft from the other end.
    1. Spiral Bevel Gear ReducerWith a transmission efficiency of up to 96%, the geared motor adopts the input shaft and output shaft for power transmission. It offers many shaft options including the single horizontal shaft, single longitudinal shaft, and double longitudinal shafts. The gear motor can be operated in both forward and reverse rotational directions.